• Team experiences

    “I love working at Nobel because of their transparency in providing the best quality of service to their consumers. They provide satisfaction, reliability, and growth.”

    - Danny Neufville, Customer Service Retention Agent -
  • Team experiences

    “I appreciate the diversity of the work assigned, I savor the challenges and there's never a dull moment. I'm both happy and grateful to be a part of the Nobel family.”

    - Andrei Vincze, Digital Marketing Video Specialist -
  • Team experiences

    “I feel like I have found a great company in which you can be yourself, learn, and grow a lot both socially and professionally.”

    - Ariel Monzon, NOC Operator Trainee -
  • Team experiences

    “Being an employee in this company is inspiring. We believe in teamwork and this has fostered unity within the company.”

    - Theophilus Kangba, IT Specialist -
  • Team experiences

    “Building strong relationships both internally and with our partners and clients has been one of the most rewarding parts of my role so far.”

    - Catherine Costello, Client Advocate -
  • Team experiences

    “Nobel makes you feel like part of a family, not just an employee. After my first promotion, I was so motivated to work harder that after a short time I was promoted again.”

    - Andrei Brebene, Junior System Administrator -
  • Team experiences

    “Being hired and meeting an amazing team at Nobel has helped me develop and improve in my career. Working with an amazing, caring, and loving team is awesome."

    - David Monlonpolor, Customer Retention Agent -
  • Team experiences

    “Nobel is an organization focused on keeping both its business and people in continuous development. I discovered a team that feels laid-back and welcoming.”

    - Clara Ganea, Director of Business Development -
  • Team experiences

    “I feel like I have found a great company in which you can be yourself, learn, and grow a lot both socially and professionally.”

    - Catalin Tenea, User Support Specialist -

Our Teams

IT & Helpdesk


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Here at Nobel, we have team members from all over the world working together on a daily basis and contributing to the success of our business units. We are proud of the diversity in our team and we celebrate it with every occasion! 

Everyone is welcome and respected in our Nobel family! We like to foster an inclusive environment for everyone who has the skills to join our team. We are a big multicultural family, each of us differently unique, yet all the same, united by our Nobel values.



Colors of Nobel represents the umbrella platform under which we organize all our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion activities for our team members. Through get-together events, trainings and Fun at Work activities on diversity, equity and inclusion, we celebrate the cultural heritage and national traditions, and we honor identity in diversity for team members in various countries across the globe. 

At the beginning of each year, we reflect on everything we experienced together as a diverse team in the previous year. Take a look at our company’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion projects by reading our annual reports: 

2023 Annual Report – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Nobel

2022 Annual Report – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Nobel


We believe that multicultural teams are more empathic, creative and successful. 

We are simply better together!


Perks and benefits of joining us

We believe we have a great blend between work, learning and career opportunities, relaxation and fun.

Because we believe your happiness is the key to the success of our teams, here’s a list of the perks you’ll have as a part of the Nobel team:

Work from Home

Being a multicultural company with team members spread throughout the globe, most of our roles are completely remote. You can enjoy the flexibility of working with us from anywhere in the world.

Long-term Collaboration

Having durable relationships with our team members is essential to us. Our growth journey together is a marathon rather than a sprint so we work with permanent long-term collaboration contracts.

Comprehensive Compensation Package

Your work is fairly recognized and rewarded with an attractive compensation package consisting of salary and a performance bonus. We foster an employer philosophy that delivers transparent and equal remuneration based on performance.

Vacation Days

We believe that productivity and relaxation go hand in hand. That’s why you benefit from vacation days (paid time off, national holidays) to recharge your batteries, relax and enjoy life as you please.

Maternity Leave

Family is a core value that we thoroughly support. As a team member, you have access to maternity leave so you can take off the necessary time to build precious memories with your newborn.

Child Birth Bonus

We are there for you in one of the most wonderful experiences in your life: becoming a parent. Nobel celebrates the birth of your little one with you by offering you a special bonus.

Career Growth Opportunities

We like to think in terms of careers rather than simply jobs, that’s why we offer you the opportunity to grow professionally and develop into your full potential.

Personal Development Trainings

We care about your personal development and we cheer for the best version of you! That’s why we offer you access to resources and trainings on topics of your choice.

Yearly Performance Review

We touch base at your yearly work anniversary and make sure you are on the right path to becoming the best version of yourself. We assess your performance and provide you with helpful feedback.

Celebratory Bonus

Special occasions call for special treats! We celebrate national holidays and other important days with a gift or a bonus for you to enjoy.

Rewarding and Diverse Work

We guarantee that you will never get bored working on our projects. We make sure every team member has the opportunity to enjoy diverse tasks that are rewarding and fulfilling.

Multicultural Environment

Our diverse team of 25+ nationalities creates a dynamic workplace. With open communication and mutual respect, we celebrate our differences and learn from each other, fostering an inclusive culture.

Outstanding Colleagues

Our team is what sets us apart. With their diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives, our colleagues are always challenging us to be better. Passionate, supportive, friendly, honest and with integrity, they create a positive work environment that makes every day brighter.

NOBEL Journey STARting Kit

We help you navigate the first 90 days at your new job by offering you the experience of a seamless onboarding process that will set the stepping stones for a successful journey with us.

Buddy Program

Have no fear, your buddy is here! On your first work day, you get a buddy (a colleague in your team) to help you get familiar with the environment, inside jokes and everything you need to accommodate.

Job Referral Program

We believe that amazing minds work great together, so we encourage you with a paid compensation to recommend open jobs in our company to your suitable friends, family and acquaintances.

Wellbeing Program

Our program is about connection and community. From workshops and webinars led by experts, to engaging events that bring our team together, we're here to support your wellbeing every step of the way.

Team Building

Strong teams are the essence of Nobel. We are all about bonding, spending time together as a team and enjoying each other’s company even if we are spread out worldwide. Our annual virtual team building events and activities are memorable!

Fun at Work

You are guaranteed to feel good and socialize with team members worldwide through our Fun at Work events, activities, games, contests, challenges and celebrations of all kinds.

Book Club

Our bookish team members are eager to welcome you at our book club N.A.R.A. (Nobel Anonymous Readers Association). Hobbies bring us closer together as a team in monthly virtual meetings!

Community Impact Day

You get a special Paid Day Off to engage in physical or virtual volunteering activities of your choice and channel your time and talent towards the causes that ignite your passions.

What’s it like to be part of the team

Meet our leadership

Life at Nobel

Thomas C. Knobel

Founder & CEO

Born in Switzerland, Thomas founded his first company at age 7, a fresh food delivery business. His inherent entrepreneurial spirit has led him to start several businesses throughout his life. His first corporation was founded in Switzerland, PowerSoft, a computer and video game software company. In 1994, after realizing that entrepreneurial talent is more appreciated across the globe, Thomas moved to the United States in order to live “the American Dream”.

In 1998, Thomas founded Nobel. With over 3 billion international minutes per year, Nobel is one of the largest international Telecom companies in the world today. In 2004 he founded NobelBiz a cloud based software and telecom solution for Fortune 100 Contact Centers in the United States.

In more recent times, Thomas founded Nobel Financial in 2014, offering Nobel’s retail customers the possibility to not only call internationally but also send money to their loved ones. In addition, Nobel offers a food sending program delivering premium quality American rice from the US to Liberia.

In October 2015, Thomas launched WowApp, the world’s first solution against income inequality and a platform where there is an automatic charity donation whenever revenues are generated. It is WowApp’s goal to become a leading online charity platform and a unique solution towards the world’s biggest problem: Income Inequality. WowApp aims to achieve these goals by amassing micro-donations across its growing member base and making volunteering easy and available to each internet user.

Thomas was educated in Switzerland, and holds a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College in Massachusetts. He is also an alumnus of post graduate studies at LBS and Harvard Business School. Since 2003 Thomas is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO).

Sandro Bianco

Sandro Bianco

CEO NobelGlobe

Alin Gherman

Alin Gherman

CEO NobelTel

Ruban Jayathas

Ruban Jayathas

Chief Technology Officer

Tatiana Mircea

Tatiana Mircea

Global Director of Human Resources

Carmen – Florentina Iacob

Carmen – Florentina Iacob

Director of Finance

Daniel Ungureanu

Daniel Ungureanu

Director of Carrier Operations

Diana Ghinculov

Diana Ghinculov

Head of Legal

Maria – Flaviana Cicu

Maria – Flaviana Cicu

Customer Care and Retention Manager

Micaiah Poleate

Micaiah Poleate

Chief Strategy Officer

Current Openings

Please take a look at our latest job opportunities at Nobel.